is an Antwerp (Belgium) based practice, working in the fields of interior architecture, architecture and product design. As designers we aim at creating well-crafted, detailed, solid and ageless work, whether it is a piece of furniture, an interior or even a whole new building. On each project we work closely with the individual client to come up with a sensible solution as discussed. Our work is the result of years of experience through a maturing process of creative development. It is defined by a combination of light, space, materials and details to create environments and objects with a quiet, calm and sculptural presence. We invest in long term relationships with our clients and with our network of consultants and subcontractors. By working closely with other design disciplines, we are able to offer a holistic approach.

Interior & Architecture
Established in Antwerp in 1998, the studio has completed more than 60 major architectural and interior projects in Belgium, France,the Netherlands and Spain. The scope of these projects range from retail shops, offices, bars & restaurants to high-end residential areas. Each solution and design process is tailor-made to its context and situation, thereby rejecting a blanket approach. Our aim is to interpret the needs of our clients’ contemporary living and working patterns, while remaining sensitive to the historic structure and typical character of the space we are working in. Client communication is a fundamental aspect of the process. We ensure that the brief is being fulfilled at every step along the way and that the client feels comfortable with the progress made.

Products has been involved in award-winning products for manufacturing companies such as DARK and Niko, but has also produced its own range of furniture and light objects.

The Future aims at expanding the business internationally by widening its range of clients. New challenges and residential projects are under study and some have already reached the discussion phase.
Despite these plans for growth, each client will continue to receive the full personalized service of a small and involved team.

The team
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